International travel means crossing the borders of your nation and adventuring in the lands beyond. It can be an experience full of fun and enjoyment, either with friends or family or even a business trip. Regardless of the purpose of your travel, it is always nice to visit a new country.

However, this exposure and adventure comes with risks. These may range from loss of important documents to flight delays or cancellations. Such unforeseen risks and damages need a cover in order to have peace of mind while travelling. This is where the need for travel insurance comes into the picture.

International travel insurance is tailored with special consideration of the specific needs an overseas traveller is exposed to. This means that it meets most of the likely occurrences that may arise and cause inconvenience to the traveller.

Hence, it is important that you understand the following concepts related to international travel for any type of travel plan, students insurance, travel insurance for senior citizens, etc.

Types of travel insurance

Single-trip travel insurance: This plan covers a single trip, as the name suggests. Therefore, it is ideal for people who do not travel much. However, the coverage does not last more than half-a-year with most insurers.

Multi-trip travel insurance: This type of insurance covers more than one trip and is ideal for people who travel frequently. The plan, however, comes with an annual validity and requires yearly premium payment.

Family travel insurance: Covers the entire family under a single insurance cover and ensures that not a single family member remains uninsured. This also gives you and your family peace of mind while travelling.

Travel insurance should also include international travel health insurance to protect you from unexpected diseases, accidents, etc. Here’s a list of what your travel insurance should include:

  • Emergency coverage for medical costs
  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Accidental death
  • Permanent disability
  • Damage and loss of luggage or important documents
  • Robbery distress allowance
  • Medical coverage, including dental costs

However, liabilities on war and terrorism as well as non-compliance are not covered under travel insurance policies.

Benefits of international travel insurance cover

  1. Medical coverage

Medical contingencies are common with international travel because of the change in weather, sudden accidents, etc. Therefore, most insurers provide coverage for medical expenses as well under their travel plans. Most comprehensive medical plans provide a range of financial cover for different medical contingencies that may arise during travel.

  1. Non-medical coverage

Besides these medical contingencies, other inconveniences also arise during international travel. These include delay/loss of baggage, delay/cancellation of flights, loss of personal belongings, loss of passport, missed flight connections, among others. Most international insurance plans cover such extended costs as well.

  1. Flights cancellation and delays

Your most-awaited trip might get cancelled due to unfortunate events or your flight might get postponed. Delays and cancellation of flights may incur costly liabilities. These include ticket bookings, hotel reservations, and the general stress of a cancelled trip. International travel insurance serves to mitigate these contingencies by reimbursing the costs related to bookings and hotel reservations.

You have the option to cover all your family members during an international journey and have them protected from contingencies. This way, every member gets covered and the policy is not inexpensive. Also, the premiums payable are not so high and easily payable.

It is not only essential to purchase travel insurance for international trips but also beneficial and this can be achieved when you compare travel insurance plans. You get to avail the benefits of a comprehensive plan at extremely affordable rates and get protected from all major or minor contingencies that might come across during your travel.

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