No one likes their vacation being ruined due to some unforeseen circumstances, like for example a terrorist attack or falling sick miles away from home. Travel insurances help you get treatment in a foreign country while on vacation and also save you from lots of troubles like when your luggage with your passport and money is stolen. Singaporeans love travelling, but then again, who does not? It has been reported that Singaporeans spend the most amount of time travel insurance Singapore comparisonMany companies in Singapore offer travel insurance that too at cheap rates, which has made the market very competitive. But while comparing travel insurance in Singapore, do not just look at the cost of the insurance, but also take a look at the areas the insurance covers otherwise you will find yourself in jeopardy while vacationing. To help you pick the right insurance for you, here is a comprehensive travel insurance guide Singapore.

What Does The Travel Insurance Policy Tend To Cover?

If you do not know already, but travel insurances cover a range of areas from medical to minor problems. But not all travel insurances are the same. Some travel insurance is may not even medical coverage. If medical coverage is your priority, then no matter how cheap the insurance is, it will be useless to get the insurance.

  • Travel insurance that offers medical coverage means if you ever end up falling sick while on tour, all your medical expenses will be taken care of. It is always recommended to go for travel insurance that offers medical coverage because you never know how and when you will fall ill. You may also get into accidents and need to be admitted to a hospital; in that case, the insurance covers all your medical bills.
  • Travel insurance that covers luggage and other personal belongings like passport will offer you a reimbursement if in any case, you end up losing your luggage or it gets damaged. For essential items like toiletries, you will also get reimbursed. Criminals often target tourists in foreign countries; money and passports being stolen are common incidents. To avoid ending up in trouble in a foreign land, it is best to opt for travel insurance that has baggage coverage. You will also get reimbursed if any of your gadgets get damaged while on tour!
  • Sometimes travel agencies sell travel insurances that also cover the closure of the said travel agency. If you are like one of the individuals who cannot plan their trip and hence depends on a travel agency to take care of everything for them. You need to make sure that the travel insurance you are purchasing covers the closure of the travel agency that you are hiring. The travel agency can go bankrupt in a matter of a few months, in which case you will end up losing all the money that you had invested in the trip before setting sail! Closure of travel agency coverage allows you to get reimbursed for all inconvenience that you faced after the closure of the travel agency.
  • If you are planning to go to a place that is not politically stable or is not too safe, you need to look for a travel agency that offers insurance that covers terrorism. In this case, you can claim your insurance if your trip got cancelled because of political unrest, or you needed medical attention while touring, or someone died, or you suffered a major injury while staying on vacation.
  • Most travel insurances cover accommodation cancellation. Your accommodation may get cancelled due to delays or other unforeseen circumstances, in which case your insurance will cover the expenses incurred.
  • Planning a road trip with your friends? In that case, you should look for travel insurance that covers car rental excess. As you already know, you can rent cars for tours from vehicle rental companies. These companies already insure these vehicles, so you do not need to worry about the vehicle. But if you get into an accident while driving the car, you may need to pay extra, which is called the excess. If you get a car to rental excess cover travel insurance, the excess will be taken care of by your insurer while you focus on getting on your feet again!
  • If you have an existing medical condition like schizophrenia or asthma, you cannot go on a vacation without getting the insurance that covers pre-existing medical conditions. Existing medical conditions can worsen anytime, and you may need immediate medical care, which can be paid off by the insurer. This also includes emergency phone calls.
  • Accidents are unforeseen; they cannot be predicted. While overseas, if you become a victim of a serious accident resulting in lifelong disability, you can claim insurance if it covers personal accidents. Sometimes these also cover individuals perishing overseas.
  • Most of the time, when you hire a travel agency, you are required to pay in advance for hotels and flights. Still, sometimes your destination may experience terrible weather or be struck with a natural calamity like an earthquake or tsunami, in that case, you can claim insurance if it covers travel convenience coverage. You get back the advance that you paid for and do not lose any money!
  • Insurances that cover repatriation generally mean that the travel company or the insurer will take care of all the transportation cost if the person dies overseas. You can also look for other benefits like pet coverage, golf equipment cover, safety coverage, and sports equipment cover.

Travel insurances help you travel without headaches, allowing you to enjoy your holiday! No matter where you are going, whether you are flying from Singapore to Indonesia or Thailand, always purchase travel insurance. Majority of the travel companies sell travel insurances; you can check in with your travel company to see if they have travel insurances for their customers. Sometimes banks and airlines also sell travel insurance!

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