It goes without saying that motorcycles are more dangerous than cars. Motorcycle drivers do not have the luxury of seatbelts, and nothing is protecting them from accidents. But despite the risks involved in driving motorcycles, it is not a given that the motorcycle insurance in St. Albert is more expensive than car insurance in St. Albert. There are several factors considered to determine the premium costs.

Type of car or motorcycle

Generally, when you are choosing an insurance type, you will notice that the more lucrative the package is, the more expensive the coverage is. All insurance policies adhere to this, from boat to home insurance policies. Motorcycle insurance in St. Albert, however, fetches even higher costs on bikes that are considered more luxurious and high end. Also, there is a difference in insurance costs between a smaller bike and a larger bike.


Car insurance policies come with many discounts, including those for anti-lock brakes, airbags and student drivers. While some discounts apply to motorcycles, including anti-lock brakes, most motorcycles do not qualify for as many benefits as cars do.

To qualify for discounts on motorcycle insurance in St. Albert, typically you would need to complete a motorcycle safety training course.

No-Fault Insurance

This means that the insurance company will cater to any losses incurred from accidents, regardless of the individual at fault. Many countries have made it a law that all insurance companies must provide a no-fault insurance policy for vehicles.

On the other hand, motorcycles are often excluded from the no-fault policy. Why? Well, with motorcycles, accidents often result in fatalities. Most motorcycle drivers who get full coverage will bypass the said no-fault policy. This is because many of these policies stipulate that the driver and his/her family are covered in the event they are injured or die.

Bundle Insurance policies

Now, while car insurance in St. Albert differs from motorcycle insurance, you can always bundle the two and save some cash. To do this, you will need to find one of the best insurance companies that provide excellent value for bundling the policies. Some companies offer some value in bundling motorcycle and car insurance with a homeowner’s policy, and there are those that will provide a discount for your riding experience.

The best way to land the best insurance company is to work with an independent insurance agent. They will do the homework for you and present you with a list of best options on the market. With an agent, you know you are getting the best deal and rates. They come in handy, as many individuals are juggling too many responsibilities in life. So much so that getting some time to do extensive research is close to impossible. But this presents a different problem altogether – landing a local independent insurance agent you can trust. For this, there are no shortcuts – you have to do the homework yourself. Take time and zero in on the best agent available in St. Albert. It will be well worth your while in the end.

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