If you are living in Netherlands and you have not heard of UWV, then it is a pretty fat chance because it is a popular insurance agency that works on the implementation of the insurance to the employees of Netherlands. This agency is working under the authorization of the government and it has several benefits for those who want to avail them. The agency is working day and night to provide services to the people and you can approach them whenever you like using the UWV bellen and contact numbers.

What is UWV and what benefits it offers to the eligible ones?

The people working in Netherlands can avail the several benefits pertaining to health and other facilities, by UWV. It is the Employees Insurance Agency and it works to provide benefits to the workers of this country. There are several benefits that they can avail and they are discussed later in the passages that follow.

What are the services offered by the UWV?

Since this is an agency that is deemed to provide facilities and services to the employees, it therefore takes care of the following three things and help regulate them as well.

  1. Unemployment benefits

If you are a permanent or a temporarily unemployed person in Netherlands, the agency can help you get the benefits in this case as well. all you have to do is to call the UWV center and they would facilitate you with the details for getting these services.

  1. Extended sick leave

While you are living in Netherlands, you have the right to get paid by your employer, against a sick leave, for up to two years. That is to say that you can get full salary for 104 weeks once you have put up the application for leave. This is done under the act of UWV as well and if the employer terminates you after the period of two years, you can get the transition pay for the whole period of your employment.

  1. Disability benefits

There are privileges for the disabled persons as well so if you have been sick for more than two years now, and you have lost your salary or job as well, you can contact UWV and get entitled under the disabled people and get the benefits from them as well.

So if you fall under the classification of these employees in Netherlands, you can get the benefits and you can always get your queries answered. When you are looking for the help, the general questions that the people ask on calling the customer care of UWV is as follows.

  • How can I view the details of my annual statement?
  • How would I be passing my vacations?
  • Under certain act changes, how would things get changed for me?
  • Where to look for the overview of the final and annual statements?

These and several other questions, you can get answered by the cooperative customer care.

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