One way that definitely covers your bike from any damages is purchasing is 2 wheeler insurance. Most of the times, a basic cover includes minimum benefits. While you purchase your 2 wheeler insurance, most of your expenses will be covered under a comprehensive bike insurance policy; however, it is always beneficial to get some add-ons to the cover. This will help in increasing the scope of your basic bike insurance. Add-ons are almost like adding your favorite toppings to a margarita pizza!

Here’s why you need add-ons to your 2-wheeler insurance:

  • A basic cover only includes 3rd party liability that may arise out of damage due to accidents, injury on the body or the death of any 3rd party
  • Most of the times, even a comprehensive cover appears incomplete because of high medical expenses
  • It is difficult to find plans that fit your budget and yet give you add-on benefits

So basically, it can be said that you should get add-ons to your 2 wheeler insurance for the following reasons:

  1. It will help in covering your personal accidents, that covers the motorbike as well as the passenger
  2. You will get the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your bike in case of unforeseen circumstances
  3. In case of a claim, you can get the depreciation value also of your two wheeler through a zero depreciation cover
  4. You can get a roadside assistance; in case your two-wheeler breaks down in the middle of the road
  5. Add-ons can also cover the wear & tear costs for your consumables, such as lubricants, oil, nuts-bolts, etc

Some Add-ons you may look into, while purchasing your 2 wheeler insurance

  • Accessories Cover:

You can protect your valuable electrical and non-electrical accessories financially with this add-on. Just provide the estimated cost of these accessories while you purchase the policy!

  • Medical Cover:

This is the most important add-on at the time of an accident, as it assists in funding the complete medical treatment that is required due to an accident

  • Passenger Cover:

A normal 2 wheeler insurance policy does not cover both, the rider and the passenger. Hence, a passenger cover, even though it comes at a somewhat higher premium, is very beneficial.

  • Zero Depreciation Cover:

With a zero-depreciation add-on, the insurance company will pay for the expenses of the spare parts along with their depreciation value. This plan covers all expenses such as repairs as well as the replacement of fiber/ rubber/ plastic components of the bike or any other two wheeler.

Add-ons guarantee a complete coverage just by paying a few extra bucks. Most popular add-ons are passenger cover and zero depreciation. It is advisable to compare the plans and check what suits your needs and then buy add-on to the plan you choose.

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