Insurance agents are responsible for assisting families, individuals and businesses to get appropriate protection for their lives, health and property. Good insurance agents in Prince George should have a good understanding of the financial products that consumers are interested in, have the technology to remain relevant and the customer service to establish a reputable name. When choosing a home based business insurance agent, there are several different variables that you should look at. If a potential agent does not have the characteristics discussed below, avoid them and continue with your search. Your business is valuable to you, so you have to get the best insurance policy that meets your needs. An insurance agent who is good at their job will offer you the help you need.

Product Knowledge

In addition to the basic insurance products, many insurance agents in Prince George provide comprehensive financial services, therefore creating a one-stop-shop where customers can satisfy their needs for insurance as well as financial planning. Good insurance agents always get updated with any changes in insurance and tax laws that might affect the client’s investment. Ensure that the agent you use when buying home based business insurance has adequate knowledge in this field.

Competitive Customer Service

Even in the present computerized world we live in, a big number of people prefer to buy an insurance policy by sitting down with an agent instead of going online. By doing this, they reinforce the significance of excellent customer service. The most excellent insurance agents are enthusiastic, flexible and reliable. It is their job to inspire client confidence through effective communication. To help address client needs, a number of insurance agents hire customer service representatives to deal with client questions, make relevant changes to policies and process claims, therefore leaving the agent free to work on getting new clients and maintaining relationships with old clients.


While this might seem to some people a negative characteristic to have an agent contacting a client continuously about insurance, passive persistence is an important quality in sales related careers, especially in the insurance industry. Insurance agents in Prince George who are unable to systematically follow up with potential clients are unlikely to have lasting success in this industry. Persistence demonstrates a zeal, the lack of which can be detrimental to both the agent and the client.



Good insurance agents are honest. However, as in any industry, there are always a few bad apples. You should ask a potential agent if you can talk to any existing clients to get feedback. A good insurance agent will be glad to give you a few names and contact information of their existing clients. Get in touch with two or three of the references given and ask about their experience with the agent in question. If these people have good things to say about the agent, then you are on the right path. You can also gauge the honesty of potential insurance agents in Prince George by reading online client reviews. Many positive reviews are an indication of honesty and quality service.

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