When your dog or cat gets sick or into an accident, you may worry how you will pay for it all. Pet Insurance will cover some of this cost. Looking at pet insurance can be confusing, and lead to some questions. What conditions will the insurance cover? What veterinarians can my pet visit? We will explore pet insurance below and answer some of these basic questions.

Pet Insurance Is Not Like People Insurance.

There are some big differences between pet insurance and the health insurance you buy for yourself. The first is that you can take your pet to any veterinarian that you want. Since Pet insurance acts more like property insurance than health insurance, there are no out of network doctors. As long as the veterinarian is licensed, they will cover your pets visit there.

Another major difference is that you will have to pay the upfront cost. After you pay, you file a claim with the pet insurance and wait for reimbursement. Some veterinarians will wait until the insurance pays to get their money, but not all will do that. Before paying for any major procedure, it is important to talk to the veterinarian about a payment plan. The payments are relatively cheap for pet insurance with the cost of a dog averaging 98 dollars per month. This premium is paid annually, or ever month depending on the plan.

Pet Insurance May Increase Depending On Location, Breed, And Age

There are several different types of pet insurance. Some pet insurance covers only accidents, some covers accidents, and illnesses, and others may cover more conditions. The cost of the insurance depends on what type of insurance you purchase as well as other factors. The younger the pet is, the cheaper it is to insure. The breedof your dog is also important, it cost more to ensure large breed dogs. The species and sex can also raise the cost of insurance. Male dogs have the highest cost. The location of your veterinarian also affects the price of the insurance. You can go to a website like https://www.petsbest.com/pet-insurance-cost to calculate how much your pet would cost to get insured.

Pet Insurance Will Not Cover Preexisting Conditions

Pet insurance will not cover any pre-existing condition the pet had before getting insurance. Some insurance companies will require a vet check-up before they will insure them. There are other conditions that are not covered by the basic pet care insurance. These conditions include dental disease, hereditary illnesses, behavioral issues, and hip dysplasia. The insurance may also not cover things like well pet care check-ups and grooming.

The insurance companies also have a waiting period usually 48 hours for an accident and 14 days to a year depending on the illness. It is to prevent people who wait until their pet needs a costly procedure and then tries to get insurance.

Pet insurance is a good thing if your pet ever gets into an accident, or gets very sick. The insurance can save you a lot of money. It can be one less thing you need to worry about in what can be a stressful time.

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