Have you ever heard of counseling insurance? Well, having counseling insurance can safeguard your company against any kind of compensation claims which are made against you by any client or any public member. If you seek help of a trustworthy insurance company, you can design a tailored policy by selecting the insurance which you require for your needs. Public liability insurance can cover all sorts of compensation and legal costs in case your counseling business is held liable for causing injury to a person or when it causes damage to the property. You will remain covered in case your clients visit your office premises or when you visit their homes.

The insurance policy that you need will entirely depend on your individual needs and on the potential risks which your business faces. To know more on insurance for counseling businesses, read on the remaining concerns of this post.

Real-time liability issues faced by counselors

Counselors are usually subject to a wide range of liability problems. Suppose you’re working with a couple along with their teenage son and the couple is going through severe marital issues and the teen is neglecting his daily activities and skipping school. Since the tension will keep growing, the teen might someday get drunk and crash his car. The couple can then blame you, the insurance company, for the act and claim that all this happened due to your negligence.

Although you may find this situation ridiculous now but this is something that can really happen. This is when you will have to protect yourself by having professional liability insurance which is meant for counselors.

A little more on the types of counsellor’s liability insurance

In case you’re a licensed psychotherapist or a counselor, having a policy can reduce your liability risk and there are different kinds of coverage which you might need. Here are the 2 types of coverage that you may need:

  • Professional liability insurance: This insurance will offer you protection against claims for omissions and errors. Although the general liability insurance covers different kinds of physical injuries, yet the professional liability policy will be designed to offer coverage for physical and emotional injuries which are a consequence of taking advice from you.
  • General liability insurance: This insurance will protect you from bodily injury claims. In case there is a client which slips off or falls in your office and gets injured, your general liability insurance comes in to cover medical bills while safeguarding you from associated lawsuits.

Which counselors will need to get insured?

  • Family counselors: Being a licensed family counselor, you will always face the risk of lawsuits and if you wish to protect yourself from such legal battles, make sure you invest in liability insurance to get peace of mind.
  • Substance abuse counselors: They are the most courageous professionals who work in the counseling industry. It’s not a matter of joke to deal with addictions. To avoid lawsuits, get a customized liability insurance plan.
  • Marriage counselors: Being a marriage counselor, you face enough anxiety and conflict in your office almost regularly. Even though you think you provide your clients with the best marriage solutions, they can still claim for problems. Hence a liability insurance coverage is a must.

When you’re in the profession of dedicating your life to assist others through counseling, you will always pray that you don’t receive any kind of unfair lawsuit. Nevertheless, since liability issues occur almost every day, it is better to purchase a tailored liability insurance which instils your peace of mind.

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