There are simple examples with regards to these terms is when you met an accident and get body injuries, the medical charges are covered by the auto insurance you purchased. Actual cash value refers to the expense to change the property when the amount has decreased in value, given that the purchase has been deducted. When talking about the advantages in auto insurance terms, it means that the company that insured you will be the one to pay your beneficiary when you file a claim.

Some term confuses a lot of people when it’s used in insurance like the “endorsement”. Endorsement is the alteration in the auto insurance contract you signed. The different deductibles or adding a car/driver to the package is one of its examples.Sometimes, Medical coverage is included in personal injury security. This is the coverage that guards the insurer if you experience accident-related injuries. In addition, loss of profit coverage is a part of personal injury protection and this will take care of you if you can’t work due to accident-related injuries.

You may see that the term indemnity is used in auto insurance policies. Indemnity refers to a prearranged payment for loss coverage by the insurance.On the other hand, PIP or the Personal injury protection is the component in auto insurance that covers the treatment of damages to the insurer’s car. Major personal injury protection coverage includes both lost wages and medical payments of those people who are injured.

Finally, property damage liability pays for the damages of car insurance policy holder causes to someone else’s property. Understanding these terms will go a long way in helping you to fully understand all the small print in a car insurance policy.

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