Accurate pricing is a pertinent problem when it comes to insurance policies, especially since there are so many providers. There are many who complain that their car insurance providers give incompetent compensations. In fact, as much as 15% to 30% of the total expenses have had to be borne by customers in certain scenarios. Add-on covers include those issues which arise as you use your vehicle and them getting added to the list of conditions for which your insurance company will cover you. Therefore, be sure to opt for the correct add-on covers to guarantee utmost coverage. Quite a few add-ons are obtainable from best car insurance policies, which means that coverage can be made wide-ranging.  This enables customers to incur minimum expenses when making a claim.

List of Add-on Covers

  • 24×7 Road Support
  • Depreciation Shield guaranteeing zero depreciation
  • Engine Protector
  • Lock and key replacement cover
  • Accident Shield
  • Consumables expense cover

Benefits of Selecting Add-on Covers

  • 24×7 Road Support: This will make sure that you are not caught in a messy situation while your vehicle has broken down midway.
  • Depreciation Shield guaranteeing zero depreciation: The major cause for the heavy deductions from the amount that is claimed from you is that you do not have this add-on cover on your motor insurance. The add-on for zero depreciation guarantees that no deflation or depreciation is functional while the claimed amount is being calculated. Note that this add-on cover is available for vehicles for up to five years.
  • Engine Protector: This cover guarantees that your engine is covered in the rare case that damages from oil leakage, from ingression of water etc. are caused. Note that these damages are never covered under the warranty offered by the manufacturer.
  • Lock and key replacement cover: When you compare car insurance policy look for this add-on cover for it pays a certain amount of expenses incurred towards replacing a lost automobile key.
  • Accident Shield: It is an important cover, which lets you insure unnamed passengers in your car for Personal Accident cover. The compensation available would be up to 5 Lac per person which would be of tremendous financial help in case of an unfortunate incident.
  • Consumables expense cover: Expenses incurred due to replacement of consumables (brake fluid, oil, coolant etc.) as a result of an accident are not covered under a regular car insurance policy. This add-on ensures that such expenses are covered.

Renewal Process for Add-on Covers

Renewal procedures for your insurance policy is always advisable because it opens up newer avenues for you to save up on financial losses incurred in various vehicle related expenditure. When you renew your policy and the car insurance prices with it, it is advisable to opt for a better, more extensive policy. You must also go in for those policies which offer you greater flexibility and customizability. With Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, the procedure of policy renewal has become easier than ever before. There are several expert policy handlers working in the team who will assist you in properly mapping out the journey of insurance renewal. These handlers are rather skilled at finding you the policies that are most suited to your lifestyle. All you have to do is access the official web portal and keep in mind all the changes that have taken place since the purchase of your last car insurance policy.

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