You somehow understand the idea of equity release. If you need money now at your age, you don’t need to take out regular loans. You can choose equity release where you tie your property with the provider. You can stay in your property until you die, and you also don’t need to repay the loan until then.

Once you die, the equity release provider will sell your property. They will deduct the loan from the profit obtained. It includes the interest and other charges. The remaining amount will be for the people you leave behind. You don’t need to fear a tedious process and neither will your children because the equity release companies will deal with all these problems.

There might be potential issues with equity release though. First, you don’t know when you are going to die. If you live a long time, the interest will keep piling up. Therefore, the amount your loved ones will receive once they sell the property will be drastically lower. Here are some signs telling you that despite the potential risks, equity release is still the right choice for you.

You want to enjoy your retirement

You have worked your heart out your entire life, and you are only doing things for yourself now because you have nothing to think about. You are not working anymore. Your kids probably have their families. You have all the time to yourself. The only thing missing is money. If you want to use it to travel or buy things you love, you can get equity release. No one will tell you it is a bad idea because you worked hard to achieve what you deserve in life. Besides, you are already at a later stage in your life. If you can’t do what you love now, when is the right time?

You expect your property to be valuable in the future

The market value of properties depends on the location and possible developments in the future. If you think the neighbourhood will become a significant industry hub in the future, the property will most likely spike in value. When it is the time to sell the house, your family will still receive a lot from it after deducting the loan you will pay to the equity release provider.

You have no other source

When you retire, your only source of income is your social security. The amount might not be too significant depending on your contributions when you were still working. There are times though when you have to pay a vast sum of money for medical emergencies and other issues. Instead of taking out a conventional loan requiring you to repay it soon, you might rather consider equity release.

You might still be confused regarding equity release, and it is understandable. If you want to be sure, you can consult with experts. They will tell you the details regarding equity release to help clarify some issues and help you decide the next step.


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